MBio Diagnostics is developing a portfolio of point-of-care tests for medical settings where lab-quality results are vital in making time-critical decisions. We have active product development programs in COVID-19, host-response biomarkers and cardiac markers.

User-driven Design

The LightDeck® platform was designed to meet customer requirements:

  • Quality: Highly sensitive tests that deliver lab-quality results
  • Quick: Actionable data in 5-15 minutes with a simple procedure
  • Quantitative: More than yes/no to inform treatment decisions
  • Multiplex: Multiple tests per sample plus internal quality control to maximize confidence in results



The LightDeck COVID-19 Total Antibody Test is to determine past SARS-CoV-2 infection and potential immunity.


Host-response biomarkers in acute infection can help stage patients and inform treatment decisions.  

Cardiac Markers

We are developing a NextGen test for heart attack: a high-sensitivity troponin test and a 3-plex Cardiac Panel.

Products are under development and not available for sale.

MBio Diagnostics

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