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MBio believes in efficient delivery of healthcare where rapid, affordable diagnostic tests are deployed where and when they are needed. Our proprietary LightDeck® platform delivers lab-quality results almost anywhere in minutes. We are developing a portfolio of multiplex panels for COVID-19, host-response tests for acute infections and sepsis, and cardiac markers. The LightDeck platform has been commercialized successfully for veterinary diagnostics and environmental testing. 

Platform Technology

The LightDeck platform consists of a robust, portable fluorescence analyzer and disposable, multiplex test cartridges. The test procedure is simple enough that an untrained user can generate lab-quality results almost anywhere. Panels can be configured to run multiple related tests simultaneously to help diagnosis or rule-out a specific condition. 

Lab-Quality Testing Almost Anywhere

We are developing a portfolio of IVD point-of-care tests and multiplex panels. 


The LightDeck COVID-19 Total Antibody Test is to determine past SARS-CoV-2 infection and potential immunity.


Host-response biomarkers signal “out of control” immune response in acute infection. 

Cardiac Markers

We are developing a NextGen test for heart attack: a high-sensitivity troponin test for the emergency department.

MBio Named a Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

Award acknowledges MBio as a growing innovator in the region.

MBio Announces CDC Contract for Legionella Test

CDC funds Legionella test development on the LightDeck® platform

MBio Diagnostics and Brava Diagnostics Merge

LightDeck® platform innovators join with diagnostics industry veterans

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